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Who are you accountable to?

I like to think I am pretty driven and motivated to do the best work I can, as soon as I can, and as much as I can.

The truth is, I am lying to myself, and probably many others!

I love my bed, and I love to sleep. I never used to be so attached and would bounce out as soon as my eyes even thought about opening in the morning. Now, I reach for the blankets, snuggle down deep and try for more sleep. If that doesn’t work, and it often doesn’t, I reach for my phone. I check my work and personal emails and then hop onto Facebook and Slack (more about this another time).

Emails are fine! I then convince myself and try to convince you, that Facebook is a good way to spend more time. I don’t do a lot of personal social Facebook, but I am a member of several, busy writing and author groups. Lots of learning to be had at all hours of the day and night!!

Guilt to get going is what often gets me out of bed. Mind you; this is still between 0530 – 0700, depending on the day, but this can be up to two hours (or more) later than previously. I tell myself it is a form of work. Even now, writing this, I sound convincing to myself, haha.

Now I have committed to writing a novel, time is going to be my biggest challenge. Every minute of every single day has to be spent wisely, or I’ll never finish. But here’s the thing. I am not very wise.

But, there is hope. I have to be accountable to several people now. As much as this scares the bejeezes out of me, it also reassures me, that I will get this book finished. The sooner I finish the first book; I can get onto the second, and then the third. This is the only way I will become successful and earn the money I need to work from home and enjoy my cave with a view.

My husband wants me to be happy. You know, happy wife, happy life! Actually, this is far from his reality. He is one of the good guys. One who really, REALLY, wants me to be happy, because he genuinely does want me to be happy. I’m a lucky girl. My daughter wants me to write… well her actual words were “Mum, stop reading and just write,” so I will need real words on a page to satisfy her!

A few of my writer friends (mostly Sean and Juliet), want me to succeed too. And of course, I am sure many of my family and friends would want me to be happy and successful too. One day, I will get around to telling them all about it. No hurry though. A little bit of imposter syndrome going on in this corner, so we (meaning I!), will wait a little while until I have written something to tell them about!

So, being accountable to myself, my husband, my daughter, Sean and Juliet, family and friends (though less so I suppose, as they aren’t aware they should be holding me accountable), means I am starting to write. Woohoo. My outline is taking shape, and I am about to get serious.

There is a worldwide phenomenon called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) being held currently. However, as I am not quite finished my prep work, I have decided to have my own little WriDec in December, with the aim of having my first novel completed by the end of summer. Although I would love to leave this open, and in March say “I meant the northern summer”, as I live in Oz, I suppose that means our southern summer.

So, roughly 80,000 words between now and the 1st March 2018. I know students who have written up the PhD in less time, so I am confident that my accountability buddies will help keep me on track.

By my next post, I will have declared my intent to my husband, daughter, Sean, and Juliet, and perhaps I should even get it printed onto my pillow too!

No doubt there will be peaks and troughs, but I am glad I have you to act as accountability buddies too.

Fun in the sun,


I love Robert Irwin’s photos (son of the legendary Steve Irwin)



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