About Me

As my tagline might suggest, I have no special talent, but I am passionate about many things. I am your typical mid-50’s woman with family and friends and who dares to dream of one day, not too far away, of being an author. Crazy? Hmm… definitely! The photo is one of the many varied¬†views from my room upstairs. ¬†The mood and colours vary all day, every day but this is one of my passions and where I do most of my work. Definitely a room with a view.

I am very much, ‘the woman next door’. Pretty ordinary really. I wish I could say I was smart, witty, beautiful and rich. Alas, I cannot. But, I do have a family who loves me, and who supports me in everything I do, including dreaming of being an author and quitting my day job. I have a Ph.D., so some might assume I am smart, however, some would say that a PhD guarantees that I am not! My husband thinks I am beautiful and sometimes when I look in the mirror I think he is right, but most often that he is wrong. Never mind, this is the way my mop flops so I am learning to deal with that. I am rich if being rich includes everything except money. I have a great family, great friends, great job, great house in a stunning location (sure to feature in my books), and enough money to be able to enjoy most of the things I want for a comfortable life, including food on the table, paying the bills, wine, chocolate, spoiling the grandkidlets, and setting myself up to write.

If you hang around, you will find out more about me. However, I would really love to hear from you too. Leave me a message if you want me to say hi.

Happy days,


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